Life Goings-On 11/12/17

My Life, NaNoWriMo

Yeah… I’ve been gone for awhile… Sorrys.


BUT! I have been working on things, a lot of things. So you really can’t blame me too much (well, I mean you can, but… don’t.)




1. I’m doing NaNo, which is all SORTS of fun. Today, however, I got the slightest idea to switch stories. No, not that simple. Let me just tell you about this, kay? I wrote a SIX THOUSAND WORD OUTLINE for this story I was planning on writing this November. I STAYED UP LATE WHEN I SHOULDN’T HAVE. And now this story I haven’t worked on since April wants to come push it out of the way out of nowhere, and… well, I’m probably gonna let it. I dunno. Or maybe I’ll just write both.


2. I’m getting into nonfiction works. Don’t worry, nothing boring. I’m writing this book about developing characters, and I gotta tell you, I’m pretty damn excited about it. I know I’ve probably told you about it before, but I’m throwing the last little ribbons of icing and candles and stuff on it now before I slip into the “get somebody smart to tell me what works and what needs to be killed with fire” stage. Editing shouldn’t take nearly as long as, say, editing a novel, but… mistakes are possible in anything. I guess what I’m saying here is: eventually a cover will be designed by somebody for this thing I love, at which point I will SHOW THE HELL OUT OF IT to you 🙂


3. Ever hear of Wreck This Journal? How about 1 Page At A Time? Steal Like An Artist (the workbook, of course)? Those books make me really happy! I got so inspired by those that I decided to create a random prompt book of my own. Haven’t quite decided on a title yet, but as with everything else I will definitely keep you posted. You can expect similar stuff that you’d find in the books I mentioned above (interesting, sometimes funny/sometimes intense prompts to stave boredom). But of course, I’ll have to add a touch of my own randomness and wild personality in there… so BE PREPARED.



… … …

“A touch”? Who am I kidding? There will be TRUCKLOADS of randomness in there. The word “random” will most likely be in the title. You might not even understand it sometimes. But you might. Hell, you probably will. But I’m not sure. I’m really weird. Well at the very least, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll feel like a kid again, and who doesn’t want that?


4. Possibly coming up with story merch for this little marshmallow right here. Because I like to have fun, live life and hang awesome posters on the walls of my room.


Well, I’m off to go write again. And discover new fonts! No, really. I’ve developed some odd fanatical hobbies lately. Don’t judge.

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NaNo 2016 Is Upon Us


Sorry for the post drought, but life has kinda been kicking me in the pants lately. Like, the kind of in-pants-kicking that makes you have to drag yourself into the weekend, which goes by like a… like a… yeahhhh no. Not getting any metaphors similes coming to mind… Ehh… You can just fantasize about how great my figures of speech will be in my NaNo story 😉

8 Weird Things About Writers

My Life

So, I’m baaaaaaack. Like that nightmare you keep having with the clown holding an ax. Like that itch in that place where you just can’t reach. Like that gnat who’s determined to land on your eyeball. ERR.

As a writer, I do some pretty crazy stuff. Something happened to me the other day that made me wonder if I was a *special* brand of crazy. I was at the grocery store. There was a folded little note on the floor. Common sense told me that picking it up would look a little, err, odd. Then my writer sense kicked in and made me remember that some of the best ideas come from folded up pieces of paper found on floors of supermarkets.

Guess what I did.