Life Goings-On, 1/4/18

My Life

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Oh… oh, what? Oh, that’s right. Sorry. BELATED.

It’s been nuts lately, but what can I say? I’ve been cracking down on some serious projects lately and some serious stuff has been happening.

“Like what,” you say?

Lemme give ya a little of this:

Life Goings-On 11/12/17

My Life, NaNoWriMo

Yeah… I’ve been gone for awhile… Sorrys.


BUT! I have been working on things, a lot of things. So you really can’t blame me too much (well, I mean you can, but… don’t.)




1. I’m doing NaNo, which is all SORTS of fun. Today, however, I got the slightest idea to switch stories. No, not that simple. Let me just tell you about this, kay? I wrote a SIX THOUSAND WORD OUTLINE for this story I was planning on writing this November. I STAYED UP LATE WHEN I SHOULDN’T HAVE. And now this story I haven’t worked on since April wants to come push it out of the way out of nowhere, and… well, I’m probably gonna let it. I dunno. Or maybe I’ll just write both.

Psyched For CampNaNo?!


Is anyone else psyched for CampNaNo?!

This is only my second NaNo experience (my first was last November, and it ROCKED). The whole thing is exciting for me because it gives me the kick in the pants that I need. It also means that I HAVE to turn off my inner editor and reminds me that it’s totally OKAY to suck for now because I only have thirty days, and who could be expected to come up with a beautifully-polished manuscript sundae in thirty freaking days? As long as stuff gets from my mind to a page, and 30,000 consecutive words end up in a document by the 30th, I WIN.