Need something? Chelsea Vanderbeek is at your service!



I think Twitter is da bomb. My handle is @Chel_Vander. Follow or message me if you like! I tweet about many writing-related things, and have been known to engage in word sprints if you’re into that.

More interested in Facebook? I feel ya. I have an author page, where I post updates on my upcoming releases and other fun stuff like that. You can find that here.

I also happen to be on Goodreads, if that’s more your milieu. At the moment you can see a few favorite books I’ve read, as well as books I’m reading. In the future, once I’ve released books of my own, I’ll post lots more material there. For now, my profile can be found here.

Or, perhaps you’d like to connect on the NaNoWriMo site? Sounds good to me, friend. You can find me on the NaNo website under the username nailbitingwriter. Wanna be writing buddies?



Like, literally anything else. I’ll reply as quickly as I can.