Sticking With It

So I won’t lie, the past few weeks haven’t been easy. It took a lot of late nights, plenty of car-writing, and a lot of jotting ideas down in a notebook when I really should’ve been doing something else. But I’m happy to say that of 50,000 words, I’m already at 37,608.

But like I said, it was hardly a walk through the park with a slice of chocolate cake. When I’m writing, I have to just remind myself that it’s okay if the words aren’t perfect yet. Earlier in my journey as a writer, this was one of the hardest things for me. Now, I’m at a point where as soon as I fret about a word choice, I’m able to remind myself (many times, out loud during a conversation with myself) that the first draft is really never the one that gets published. Well, unless you’re not a human. Or you live at the end of a rainbow.

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Back At It Again…

So, last time I did CampNaNo, I didn’t exactly “win.” Yeah, I wrote about 16,ooo words that I didn’t have before, but I didn’t meet my goal. I met defeat. It sucked eggs.

But anybody that knows me will be able to tell you that I don’t give up that easily, no SIR, so I’m back on the horse. I’m tackling multiple projects of ranging topic and type. Try two edits, two typed newbies, one handwritten newbie, and a poetry collection I’m trying to cultivate. You think I’m insane yet? You should.

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Psyched For CampNaNo?!

Is anyone else psyched for CampNaNo?!

This is only my second NaNo experience (my first was last November, and it ROCKED). The whole thing is exciting for me because it gives me the kick in the pants that I need. It also means that I HAVE to turn off my inner editor and reminds me that it’s totally OKAY to suck for now because I only have thirty days, and who could be expected to come up with a beautifully-polished manuscript sundae in thirty freaking days? As long as stuff gets from my mind to a page, and 30,000 consecutive words end up in a document by the 30th, I WIN.

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