Get a Free Kindle Copy of Forget Me

Hey, peeps! So, this weekend is going to be a good one. I’m having a launch party for Forget Me on Friday! It’s pretty much just a family/friend gathering, but it will be bomb 🙂 I will be doing a reading, so I might post a video for you lovely people to enjoy too.

But while I’m having a real-life party, there will be a digital one (of sorts) as well! Because starting tomorrow, June 15th through Friday the 16th, the Kindle version of my debut will be free! Literally. Zero. Zip. Nada. $0. THAAAAT’S RIGHT.

So, if you’re like me and you live somewhere that it’s summer now, all you have to do is some clickity-clicks, download and BAM! You’ve got a great new book to read poolside. Or, erm, air-conditioning-side.

All I would ask is that you tell me what you think, by leaving an honest Amazon/Goodreads review.

Thanks a bah-million!

Out Now: Forget Me, a Novella

She’s out, my friends! It’s been a long journey, but I am a published author. Published by the good folks at Quiet Fire Books (you can check them out over here).

For those of you who are just peeking in the doorway now, I’ve been trying to write a publishable book for over eight years now. I wrote a lot of crap in those years, but now? This story, Forget Me, that I’ve been working on since September of 2014? It’s finally out there! *cracks open bubbly* HELL YEAH!

You may be thinking, “So… *clears throat* *checks watch* what’s it about?” Heh, got ya covered:

Forget Me, Chelsea VanderbeekSabine is a budding poet who was practically born with a pencil in her hand. Though her intelligence and maturity far surpasses that of those around her, she lacks the confidence and social graces to come out of her shell. She’s been forced on numerous occasions in the past to slip inside the glass double doors of Hilltop Baptist Church. The youth group was her mom’s idea, really. A shot-in-the-dark way for Sabine to try and make some wholesome friends in a wholesome place. Not that it ever worked out—at least she was usually able to make it out with minimal negative attention as her plain-old invisible self. This time was different. She always hoped it would be different, but not like this. When Sabine decides she’s had enough of this life, she ends it and becomes more visible than she’s ever been before. Is it possible she wasn’t as forgettable as she once thought? The only way to find out is to watch the aftermath unfold, and no matter the outcome, she can’t do a thing about it. No one can… or can they?

And, heh, did I mention I’m on AMAZON?! Yesh, just in case you wanna snatch a copy for yer fine self:

Oh, and if you do end up picking up a lovely copy for your own, and then you end up LOVING THE CRAP out of it (or maybe not… but it’s still cool we can still be friends), drop me a review. Because I’m a writer and I live and breathe for that eshtahh (nah, it takes a solid second place to making words).

Goodreads page! Because Goodreads is awesome:

PSST! Stay tuned for a future post about something super-EXCITING! As if this wasn’t enough, right? But no really, because I might or might not be planning a giveaway of a certain recently-published title written by yours truly *wink wink*


My Book Sale Raid

I’m a bookworm. A book freak. Nuts.

What, haven’t I mentioned that before? Hm…

Anyhow, I have self-control around many things. You’re talking to someone who’s been a full-on vegan for about three years. Even before that, if you saw me at Burger King, I’d be eating a salad. Well probably, but that’s not the point. If there’s anyone who knows something about self-control, well… I think I’d at least make the top 50.

But books? Nah. Not even close. Which leads me to my story.

So, I was at the library, just randomly strolling around. I had already borrowed some books, but right before I left, I saw the shelf. It was a little, lonely shelf near the front of the library with discarded books. It was an indoor mini book sale.

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