About Me


Chelsea Vanderbeek caught the writing bug about eight years ago, and she’s been in love with character and story ever since. She wouldn’t say she’s the top cannoli, but she’s learned a lot, improved significantly and has a fair dose of experience. Chelsea specializes in YA Fiction and personal, emotional stories, but she’s open to anything. If an idea comes knocking at her door, she’s not about to turn it away.

Chelsea lives in New Jersey and is taking life as it comes. She currently works at Dunkin’ Donuts as a barista (’cause that’s totally where it’s at) and is currently taking a break from her college studies in Creative Writing. She writes like crazy and has two novels in the editing phase. If she had life her way, she’d write day and night. Instead of getting up at 4AM to pour people coffee, she’d pour words into a page. That is the dream, anyway, and she’s trying mighty hard to get there.

Chelsea had her debut novella, Forget Me, published by Quiet Fire Books. You can purchase it here: amzn.to/2rAw6Z0.

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