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21+ Fresh Gift Ideas For That One Writer Friend

Ahh, the holidays are upon us.

And though many writers are more than happy to receive the standard notebook or pen (like seriously, we stockpile that crap like nobody’s business), maybe you’re looking for something a little more impressive to give that literary genius you’ve befriended.

Fear not! I’ve got just the idea.


The freshest ideas:

1. Literary soaps.

The MacBath is an Etsy shop that makes, among other things, bar soaps with literary quotes inscribed on them. They have a really neat variety, too. One of the ones that caught my eye was the Hogwarts Houses ones–any fan would think they’re awesome!

2. Wrist support pads.

Because sitting at the keyboard for long hours really does it to you. I got something similar to this right here last Christmas and I’ve been thankful for it ever since!

3. A framed excerpt of their work (if you can get your hands on it).

All you have to do is stroll into an arts and crafts store, buy an 11×14 picture frame and an 11×14 white bevel picture mat, print out the excerpt on 8.5×11 cardstock, and stick ‘er in the frame. They’ll love it! I would recommend using a typewriter-type font when you do it for added effect, such as True Typewriter or Special Elite (these are Canva fonts, the program I used to create my printout).

4. A planner.

Lots of us could use a little help getting our lives organized, and it doesn’t need to be all frilly and sticker-y to do it (although it can be). Especially for writers who have a life outside of writing, we can be notoriously bad for managing our time and most would appreciate the help. Here and here are some simpler examples, and here and here are some more exciting ones.

5. A Litograph.

They even have custom ones!

6. Writer Emergency Pack.

It’s come to my rescue before.

7. The Storymatic.

So has this!

8. An evening out of the house.

Every writeaholic needs an excuse to step away from the computer every once in a while (and a reminder to keep good posture, but… kinda hard to box and wrap that…) so one of those combination restaurant/movie theater gift cards would probably go over fairly well, especially if you jazz it up with the addition of movie candy.

9. A flash drive to back up their work.

If they don’t already have one. And if they don’t back up their work in any capacity, maybe you oughta show them this video and tell them to stop living on the edge.

10. A writer’s survival kit.

If you’re into making homemade gifts, you’ll have fun with this one. All you need to do is:

  1. Acquire a basket or gift box, and arrange some festive tissue paper in there to cradle your goods.
  2. Fill it with things like coffee/tea, maybe a homemade CD with music to write to on it, candy/chocolate, a seven year pen, pocket sized notebooks, a stress ball, and the like.
  3. If using a basket, you could stick this fun label I designed on the front. Then wrap it in cellophane, which can be easily found in the dollar store (here’s an easy tutorial I found for wrapping).
  4. If using a gift box, wrap it with wrapping paper and use whatever ribbon you like. You can use the label I made as a gift tag as well.
  5. Ta-da! The most thoughtful writer gift ever 🙂

11. A quirky pencil case.

Because this is a thing that actually exists.

12. A big dry erase board.

If your writer friend uses storyboarding as a part of their process, they’ll be using your gift for years to come! Not to mention… I mean… there are about a million uses for a dry erase board.

13. A writing prompt mason jar.

I make ’em fresh. Pop over to my Etsy shop (plenty of visually attractive notebooks there, too)!


Some tried-but-true ideas:

14. Notebooks.

Here’s an opportunity to get them a really nice one, because if your friend is anything like me, they stockpile generic 25-cent notebooks from the grocery store during back-to-school season. Every writer loves to get a snazzy notebook! This one has a potato on it. Oh look, a pizza one. All different colored ones, in a mini set. Hey look, this one is plaid, customizable and says “look at me, I’m Christmasy, too!” Well, it doesn’t actually talk…

15. Pens.

The aforementioned Seven Year Pens, to be exact. I got some last year for Christmas and they still work as if I got them yesterday. Not to mention they’re pretty damn cool.

16. Books.

Us writers need to consume creative content in order to produce it, so a nice novel or writing help book is usually a safe bet.

17. This mug (among others).

This is pretty great for new writers (and says what we’re thinking pretty succinctly). I say “new” writers because by year five or so, a lot of us have a pretty decent stash of witty writer mugs.

18. A writer shirt!

There are many. Here’s one that points to our future success, and one with a fitting disclaimer. Even one that states our writerly powers. You could even raid the NaNo store, if they’re a diehard Wrimo.

19. Scrivener.

Lots of writers rave about it. It’s not something I personally use, but it does seem like a decent program. So give it a shot!


Writerly stocking stuffers:

20. A “writer’s block.”

Classic gag gift.

21. Book keychain.

22. Literary teas.

23. Sticky notes.

For writing down ideas on the fly.

24. Crosswords/word search booklet.

To keep their brain active when they’re not writing.

25. These book stack cufflinks.

Which make an obvious statement about one’s obsession with books.

26. A typewriter pin.

They have several colors with several different literary quotes written on them.

27. Book chocolates.

They have some really yummy-sounding flavors. AND. I MEAN. IT’S A BOOK MADE OF CHOCOLATE.


Have fun shopping for your wordsmithy friend! Have you any other great ideas that I may have missed? Leave them in the comments!

Until next time,

Chels 🙂

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