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Weekly Writing Group, 11/29/18: Post-NaNo Writing Goals

NaNo ends tomorrow?!


Whelp, it’s been quite a month (for all of us, I’m sure), but my writing seriousness definitely does not stop here. In fact, as NaNo draws to a close, I already have plenty of fresh goals on the horizon:


1. Finish editing Dayna and River’s story.

Yeah. I was supposed to have edited this a couple months ago. It… yeah… it didn’t happen. Something I should’ve realized is that the editing process does not like to be rushed. Like. Really should’ve realized it. I fully expect this second draft edit I’m working on to take me several months. Aaaaaand… NaNo prep kind of just up and smacked me in the face, so… I had to put it to the side for a little bit. But now that I’ve tied up all my open first draft projects, I’ll have plenty of time to make this edit my main focus.


2. An e-book. Possibly?

It would be about writer’s block, because I have a lot of (helpful I think?) stuff to say about that. A lot of experience with it too, ahah… *cries* It used to be a tremendous thorn in my side. But then I actually wrote a college paper on it (with research and everything. YEAH), and even stumbled upon a psychological component of this common writer’s woe: how the perfectionist mind often prevents writers from progressing in their work. Very interesting stuff. So… we’ll see how far I get on this.


3. Write a lot more short stories and poetry.

Because I’ve been slacking on that in favor of working on more hefty projects (like novels and, you know, keeping this blog alive). That’s gotta change, especially since I want to submit to more anthologies, maybe make my own short story or poem collection, stuff like that.


4. Try to get up earlier.

Because I’m tired of waking up at 9am and not being done with blog stuff until 1pm. I need more. time. for. stories.


I mean, I’m keeping it pretty simple. But I find that when I complicate things, I get less done, so… tis’ all good!


And now it’s your turn, friendo!

Do take a minute to skim over the rules over here. Then link up by clicking the “add your link” button below (it may take a moment to show up, so please be patient) and have fun!

A few prompts to get you going this week (but anything writing-related goes!):

  • your writing goals for Winter
  • how you’re rewarding yourself post-NaNo
  • some seasonal flash-fiction, if that floats your boat
  • your daily word count

Until next time,

Chels 😉


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