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Weekly Writing Group, 10/25/18: A Day In The [Writing] Life

What exactly does a day in the life of a writer look like, you ask?

Whelp… you might be sorry you did 😉 But I’ll try to make it exciting. Of course, I can only speak for myself. But here goes nothin’.

Here is a typical (blog post inclusive) day for me:


6:04am: I get out of my bed (notice I didn’t say “wake up”), move to a room with a television, turn on the news/sitcom on the DVR, and tell myself that I will be getting up in a half hour to get started on the day’s work. I then proceed to fall asleep.

8:57am: I’m awoken for a second time by my mom, who has brought me a cup of tea. I realize it’s time to get cracking, and bring my tea to my desk.

9:01am: I turn on the radio for background noise, open up WordPress and Canva, and proceed to check my page views. I wonder why I don’t have as many views as I’d like, and spend the next ten minutes searching Google on how to get more blog traffic.

9:45am: So maybe it was more than ten minutes. I look at my handwritten blog calendar because I forgot what I’m even supposed to write about today.

10:00am: I’ve miraculously come up with a few good sentences, but now I’m actually dying of hunger and I’m just now starting to feel awake. So I go to the fridge and stare into space.

10:04am: Not having found anything, I go to the pantry closet and stare into space.

10:08am: I go back to the fridge, and stare into space.

10:10am: Having become completely fed up with my own indecisiveness, I stick some bread in the toaster and call it breakfast.

10:45am: I’ve come up with a few good paragraphs. Somewhere in the mix I realize I haven’t showered, and decide my thoughts need some time to gel up anyway–after all, I’m almost done. I can afford a break.

11:00am: I return to my desk and cap off a halfway decent blog post, clicking over to Canva to design a blog post image.

11:15am: I will most likely have spent the past fifteen minutes muttering invectives at Pexels for not having a good image for the past three searches I’ve done.

11:58am: I’ll get it done and insert it into the post, do a read-through looking for typos, and hit publish feeling basically satisfied.

12:03pm: Quick lunch break. I’ll check my blog stats. And look at my planner to see what else I have to do today. Then I’ll panic, because I don’t know if I can get it all done, watch half of a show over a sandwich and get back to work.

12:52pm: Pinterest. I pin between 5-10 pins a day to promote my blog posts/Etsy shop/what have you. I’ll check my Pinterest analytics, and compare them to my blog views/stats.

1:45pm: I’ll go to the park with my mom to walk, and we’ll probably be out even longer after that running errands–not that I totally mind. It’s a good distraction from work.

2:58pm: We finally get home, and I have to start thinking about what dinner will be (as I am the only vegan in the house, I cook for myself). At this point, I’m not even hungry, so I figure I won’t be hungry enough for dinner and decide to ignore it. I’ll either start working on another blog post, or work on a story.

3:48pm: Oops, it’s laundry day. Laundry pushes it’s way to the front of the line, because I like to be in the folding stage by bedtime… which never usually happens anyway.

5:00pm: My dad usually gets home around here, which is cool. But having people around makes it considerably harder to work, since… y’know… the table needs to be set for dinner. My clothes have to go in the dryer and I’ve been ignoring them for the past forty-five minutes, and will continue to ignore them. The cats have to be fed and they’re starting to meow their little heads off. Writing must be put off until later, it seems.

8:00pm: Dinner is out of the way. Little things that need to be done around the house are finished. I sit down, and am the most productive in my writing story-wise that I’ve been the entire day.

10:00pm: I cannot hold off the sleepiness any longer, and I fall asleep in front of the television. Then I wake up and drag my half-asleep body to my bedroom. The laundry–by miracle–has made it to the dryer, and will sit there overnight. Hey… at least it’s dry, right?


That’s… that’s pretty much it. NaNo will be much different, if I anticipate correctly:

7:00am: Force body awake. Make toast.

7:10am: Start writing story.

12:00pm: Eat lunch.

12:30pm: Continue writing story.

5:00pm: Dinner.

5:45pm: Writing still. Getting tired.

9:00pm: Call it quits. Watch TV for all of about five minutes before falling fast asleep. Rinse and repeat for following 29 days.

At least that’s the plan anyway. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.



Alright guys, your turn!

Do take a minute to skim over the rules over here. Then link up by clicking the “add your link” button below (it may take a moment to show up, so please be patient) and have fun!

A few prompts to get you going this week (but anything writing-related goes!):

  • your daily writing schedule
  • how you plan to reward yourself after finishing your current wip
  • some writing prompts you’d like to share with your fellow writers
  • your NaNo survival kit!

Until next time,

Chels 😉