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NaNo 2018 Prep Checklist! [PDF]

Well, the beginning, rather. But… yeah.

No, I’m not getting all deep and philosophical on ya here. It’s just NaNo.

I… I feel like I talk about NaNo a lot… do I? OH YES OF COURSE I DO I AM NOT LACKING IN SELF-AWARENESS I’M JUST EXCITED KAY. I’m sorry, but… I’m not.

To make up for it, how about I make a nice lil organized prep checklist for you to get you through the last two weeks of October? Here, I… *pushes checklist forward to you on table with pointer finger* here, you take it. No, I want you to have it. No, take it, yes, thank you, yes.

NaNo 2018 Prep Checklist –


In all seriousness, though, use this in good health! Also, you’re more than welcome to share this with your NaNo-ing friends! Spread it around like peanut buttah on toast 🙂

May the words be with you,

Chels 😉


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