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Weekly Writing Group, 10/11/18: My NaNo 2018 Stories!

This NaNo, I’m being sort of a daredevil.

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m shooting for 100k in November. It’s honestly all I’ve been able to talk about (and think about) for the entirety of October thus far.

There’s something about making a serious attempt at a completely over-the-top goal that just hypes you up with adrenaline.

I think I have a shot in all honesty, mostly because I have some really great stories to write on the roster.

Today, I’d like to tell you about them:

NaNo Project #1: That really complicated one with five main characters.

You can get a gist of my story and characters by reading towards the bottom of this post. Really, the main point of this one was experimenting with how different people’s lives affect each other in different ways, whether they realize it or not. I also really wanted to tell the story of five different souls–different backgrounds, different challenges, different futures–finding God. The cast was definitely meant to be a diverse one, sort of like a tapestry if you will.

I only got about eight chapters (more or less 10k) in my first run back in July. I think I’ll be able to do it more justice now, given all the extra time I’ll have.


NaNo Project #2: That growing-up one about the jealous younger sister who tries to steal her older sister’s “best friend.”

It doesn’t have a working title (at least not one that isn’t dumb lol), but the topic is simple: siblings! And it’s partially based on my relationship with my sister. Since we were the only two people in all our classes (aka homeschooled) since kindergarten, we were really each others’ closest… fr… frie… person we knew. And yeah, we fought sometimes. She would throw my dolls around because she thought it was funny, and I would call her something immature that seemed more hurtful at the time like “stranger” or “meanie head,” mom would tell us to get along and things would sort themselves out. We did a lot of stuff together. We would never say it, but we cared about each other a lot.

Fast forward to a little later, when homeschool and youth groups came into the picture. My sister had a new best friend, and I was just a shy dweeb who sat there awkwardly while they talked about life and love. Things have certainly changed since then, and we’re much closer now than we were then. But in those years, a story was birthed in my heart, and Kerry stepped out and introduced herself.

It’s probably gonna be more autobiographical than I would’ve liked, but I’m doing what I can to change that. What can I say? My characters do whatever they want.


NaNo Project #3: The one where the dissatisfied college kid drops out of everything and goes to Italy.

You’ve heard about Devin before. She really is a card! But I’ve done so much thinking and talking about this story that I’d like to give it it’s due diligence and finally finish it. If you want to learn more about a fine sarcastic dreamer such as Devin, you can read this interview I did with her not too long ago. Or you can read about my adventures in learning Italian (partially for purposes of the story).


No telling how this November is gonna go! But I have a feeling it’s gonna be pretty great 🙂 What is your story going to be about this November?


Alright folks, don’t be shy!

Do take a minute to skim over the rules over here. Then link up by clicking the “add your link” button below (it may take a moment to show up, so please be patient) and have fun!

A few prompts to get you going this week (but anything writing-related goes!):

  • a little ditty about your NaNo story this year
  • some writing prompts you’d like to share with your fellow writers
  • an update on your current WIP
  • your NaNo survival kit!

Until next time, my lovelies,

Chels 😉


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