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Weekly Writing Group, 8/17/18: My Goals For Fall

A lot of things are changing in my life these days.

I’m leaving my job (a sure thing where I’ve already had two raises and a promotion, none of which I asked for) to pursue my dream and be a full-time writer. Some people might think I’m making a… hmm… dumb decision, but I don’t care. This is what I want to do, and I’m ready to take a chance on myself. I just wish certain people didn’t treat me leaving such a meaningless job as coffee-pouring as if I just tucked myself in–in a casket.

Change is really not something I’m great with, but I firmly believe that only good will come of this. Nothing will be standing between me and my writing anymore. I won’t have any more excuses or reasons.

It’s dangerous, but I like it.

*vroom vroom motorcycle noises*

So goals-wise, I’m totally NOT holding back. Like, check these out:

1. Complete the first edit-through of Dayna/River’s story.

Which I mentioned a little about here. It’s been more or less untouched since November 2015, because I haven’t been able to figure out what’s missing from it in order to fix it. Well, I finally feel ready to tackle it again. I don’t want to be presumptuous, but if all goes well, I could be able to share it with you by the end of 2019. But… I have to see how it goes; this story is gonna require more than garden shears if you know what I mean, in fact it’s probably gonna need something more like a lawnmower.

2. Finish writing Renaissance.

AKA one of the reasons I’m learning Italian. Because I would really like to put the first draft to bed (and practice some of the Italian I’ve learned).

3. Finish writing These Hands.

Because I don’t really know where I went wrong (maybe work got my brain all frazzled?), but I got to about the seventh or eighth chapter and then just kinda lost steam. I’d like to skim over the outline again and see where I went wrong, what it might need, why I could possibly be bored with my own writing (which probably isn’t it but… heh still needs some work).

4. Get on a consistent schedule with my YouTube videos.

If you follow my YouTube channel at all (I mean I don’t know, there’s probably at least one of you lol), you’ve probably noticed a week or two over the past two months where a video didn’t spontaneously appear there over the weekend and thought to yourself, “Hmm, that’s strange. Whatever, back to KatyTastic.” Well, that’s because I suck. I suck for thinking I could plan to film and upload my videos on the weekends and actually have it work out. Because you know what else happens a lot on the weekends? Weddings. Yardwork. Church forty-five minutes away. People, coming over and staying all day. I’m an idiot, but I’m gonna give ‘er a shot and try to be less of one, and I’ll do that by filming my videos starting on Wednesday, editing them on Thursday and (hopefully) having them polished and clean to be posted on Friday. Maybe it’ll pan out; hey, I’m optimistic. If not, I guess I’ll just have to borrow a lesson from Thomas Edison and keep trying until something works 😉

5. Do that fun writing-prompt-book-thingy.

Like that one thing that I made for developing your characters. Except it’ll be a cute little almost-pocket-sized prompt book to tuck into your writing bag (because what writer doesn’t tote writing supplies around with them wherever they go?). I can’t really say much else, except I’m gonna keep working on it and it will be ADORABLE!

And I think that’s it. Some pretty exciting stuff for me 😀 So, what’re your goals for the coming months?


Okay folks, now it’s your turn!

Sorry it’s a day late this week (a little hiccup came up yesterday, but it’s all good now)! Do take a minute to skim over the rules over here. Then link up by clicking the “add your link” button below (it may take a moment to show up, so please be patient) and have fun!

A few prompts to get you going this week (but anything writing-related goes!):

  • Your writing goals for Fall
  • A poetic (or not-so-poetic) farewell letter to Summer.
  • Your favorite writing project you’re working on these days.
  • A thoughtful review on the last book you read.

Until next time,

Chels 😉

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