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Character Aesthetics For My Current WIP

I tried something new today.

Recently, I read this post somewhere where an author made photo aesthetics for each of their story’s characters. I thought to myself, “How cool! Why can’t I do that?”

But turns out I could. So that’s what’s on the menu today 🙂

A little background on this story…

Here’s the thing. I’m editing this story that I first wrote during my first “official” NaNo, November 2015. I’ve been putting off editing it for a while because I know I have to get rid of something big, and then replace it with something. It’s been looming over my head like a dark cloud for a while, but I’m finally gonna shove myself in the back and do it.

Just to summarize it, the main character is named Dayna Freland. She’s a tomboy and enjoys getting dirty, yet she has a rather maternal personality. She’d love to get on a football team, if only someday. She has a big problem going on in her life of late, and that problem is River. Well, okay, not problem. More like needy, secretive best friend whose perpetual self-hatred and tendency to get picked on costs her sleep at night. He’s hiding something big, but he just will not tell anyone; except, it would appear, for Faye–his only other friend on the planet.

River barely told me the secret, my god.

But these characters are so fun to work with. I hope I get to share the story with you someday! But for now, I can at least share the aesthetics I whipped up (I’ve only done one for Dayna and River so far, but if I do one for each my minor characters–Faye, Genevieve, Peter, etc.–I’ll be sure to share them too).


As I mentioned just a minute ago, Dayna is very much in touch with both her tough and sensitive sides. She sort of sees herself as the “silent leader” of her friend group (which consists of River and Faye), she wants to be the shoulder to lean on. She can be a little easily offended, but her heart is usually in the right place. She isn’t exactly the brightest academically.


He’s a true genius, but a tortured one. Very well-rounded with lots of interests, but kind of shy and kind of a nerd. Doesn’t speak a lot, but when he does he says stuff that makes you wanna listen. Appreciates the kindness of others, but isn’t always so clear about showing it. Keeps secrets a lot, but it’s usually just to keep the peace.


Ever make an aesthetic for your characters before? What do ya think of my babies? God, I love writing.

Until next time,

Chels 🙂


  • Sophie

    Hello Chelsea! Love these aesthetics! They are fun to make, aren’t they? Both Dayna and River sound like amazing characters but my favourite is River. Sensitive and quiet nerds are my type 🙂

    • admin

      Thanks Sophie! I really did have a lot of fun with it 🙂 River’s my baby, so I’m so happy you like him. Dayna’s very protective of him, and I love her for that 💕

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