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If You Could Have Your Dream Writing Space…

… what would it be like? Would you have a state-of-the-art computer? Maybe a cozy little nook to hide away in, or a neat desk surrounded by bookshelves?

Ahh. I definitely hope to design my perfect writing area someday, but for now it goes somethin like this:

But I definitely have some ideas for what it might be.


First off, I’m definitely here for the whole get-away-from-it-all writing cabin idea. I heard about one famous author who has one of those (it might’ve been Stephen King), and ever since then I’ve always tossed the idea around. Nobody’s noisy television on just loud enough so you can hear it from your bedroom. Nobody asking you to take out the trash while you’re trying to finish a chapter. It’d just be like, “where’s Chelsea?” and someone else would go, “I don’t know, last I saw she was taking out the garbage.” But I’m in my writing cabin. Solitude. You can’t interrupt somebody’s writing flow by vacuuming if they’re not in the house to begin with. YEAH.
Pinterest: Treehouse Writing Cabin

And because the kid in me is still alive and well: TREEHOUSE šŸ˜€


Because it’s possibly the most important thing in the entire cabin (excuse me, treehouse). And I’m a little torn on this one. All I know is that the desk I have right now is really small, and I can’t simultaneously cross my legs up on the chairĀ and have the chair under the desk. If you can picture that, it’s really annoying. And so I’d need a desk like the one pictured below; it really would solve that problem:
Pinterest: Legless Desk

But that’s not all. I need a window. Not just for the illusion of space it creates, but also because I like to look at the sky. Perhaps a skylight…?
Pinterest: Writing Area With Skylight

Chair-wise, we’re looking at something that is anything but the chair I have right now. God help it, it’s a trainwreck. Not to mention that in winter when I’m cold, my blanket gets caught in the legs so that when I try to get up I almost do a cartoon-style faceplant into my carpet. So I guess what I need is either a chair without legs, or a chair that heatsĀ itself.
Pinterest: Heated Massaging Desk Chair

Or wait wait, hold the phone. I just remembered: kotatsusĀ exist! I mean, if you’ve never heard about these, whelp, get ready to want one. It’s a table, right? But not just a table. Apparently, you can take the top part of the table off, add a blanket, then put the top part back on and BAM! Table blanket.Ā But that’s not all. IT’S. HEATED. So I think that would really cross all the i’s and dot all the t’s. Yeah:
Pinterest: Hella Awesome Kotatsu


Because really. If I’m gonna be making enough to build a whole big honking treehouse with a kotatsu and built-in refrigerator (this one looks cool), you bet your skittles there’s gonna be a jacuzzi involved:
Pinterest: Jacuzzi With Fireplace

It looks like there’s ample room to do some writing in there, too. And what a view, no?

And I’m all too familiar with the write-til-two-in-the-morning slump-into-the-nearest-bed sort of deal, so a proper bed would be in order, too. A swinging bed. I AM A CHILD:
Pinterest: Awesome Swinging Bed

Bare Minimum Essentials

At the very least, some things will be absolutely necessary:

  • Coffee and tea in massive amounts
  • Snacks because my human form requires sustenance
  • My current computer, which has not shown signs of hating me yet (for the most part)
  • Notebooks, story notebooks, idea notebooks, allllllll the notebooks
  • Flash drive
  • Yea I mean that’s really it for necessities

I don’t know if I’ll actually end up with a cabin even remotely like this, or if I’ll just settle for something a little more quaint, but gee it sure is fun to think about. What would yours be like?


P.S. It’s not too late to enter last week’s linkup! Any writing related post is eligible, all you need to do is write one and slap it right in there. It could… it could even be about YOUR dream writing space! So head on over and check it out compadre šŸ™‚

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