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My Current Writing Playlist – June 2018

I am constantly listening to music.

Like, any chance I get. Car rides. During computer work–even as I write this post, I have the radio on in the background. When I write? Sure. Like, usually instrumentals though.

See… now when I say “writing playlist,” I more mean like songs that have inspired my storywriting lately, like a song that I heard and thought “WHOA, that song describes these two characters’ relationship perfectly,” or “this song makes me feel like this chapter should.”

So I don’t exactly listen to these songs while I write, though. It’s sort of like how I used to listen to Eye of the Tiger before soccer games. It got me hyped up, but it’s not like I brought my i-pod on the field or anything…

Lyric-y music can get pretty distracting sometimes. And I would definitely trip over my headphone cord. I know, I’m tall, it isn’t even long enough to reach my ankles, but trust me; I’d find a way to make it happen.

But I digress.

Here’s the playlist!

Some of my favorites this month:

  • Death of a Bachelor, Panic! At The Disco – Just a freakin JAM. And it, for some reason, combined with a random story my mom told me the same day I found this song, turned into a whole new story idea. I won’t be exploring it further for a while, but needless to say it was pretty exciting and cool.
  • Lemon Boy, Cavetown – I’ve known this song for a couple months now, but I love to listen to it. Whenever I do, it just makes me think of Dayna and River’s friendship (two characters from a story I’m editing right now and I prOMISE YOU’LL GET DEETS EVENTUALLY OKAY I LOVE YOU) for some reason. Also, Cavetown is an amazing artist JUST SAYIN.
  • After Hours, The Velvet Underground – Fellow introverts out there will like this one. Also, the song has a unique feeling to it, don’t ya think?

Alright my lovelies, that’s all for now!




Also, I’ve been trying to be more active on my Pinterest account 😉 but I find this important to mention right now because, as Camp NaNo is coming up in just SIX short days (as if I haven’t been counting it down for the past month LOL), I thought you might find my NaNo Inspiration board helpful. I’ll be pinning a lot more there as the week goes on, and probably all through the month of July too! Also, if you haven’t yet, trek on over to the Camp website and create your project today. Byyyyeee!