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My Current Writing Playlist – May 2018

My Muse is very finicky.

Sometimes she just will not show up. I could be in my room, where I usually do my writing, and it’s a no. I’ll move downstairs where there’s less people around… and I’ll end up getting rid of three sentences I wrote from last time. Sometimes, I’ll be able to sit in complete silence late into the night, and the quiet will invite her in. Other times, though, I need to have SOME sort of music or she’ll just stand in the doorway of my room, tapping her foot with sass, refusing to come any closer.

But, I mean, then I’ll spend an hour trying to pick the right music, or I’ll get so absorbed in a song that I’ll just jam to it, sing along, and that one will end and I’ll put on another. Before you know it, I’ll have been sitting there for four hours with multiple YouTube tabs open in my browser of songs that I’d like to listen to and a room more organized than it’s been in three months… but no writing done.

It’s good to have go-to playlists, stuff you can just switch on without thinking too much about it and then just get into the writing. And I definitely have plenty… heh… but it’s great because I can just switch on a song that gives just the right ambiance for the particular story or chapter I’m writing.

I have a few favorites right now, many of which are associated with the story I’m continuing from April Camp, which I’m temporarily calling These Hands. Others are just randomly in there because I’m ADDICTED to listening to them right now, but I also listen to them whilst writing random things.

I just love finding new music! No joke–my musical taste varies and extends anywhere from classical to alternative rock, to techno/modern to country. I guess you could say I like a little of everything 🙂

What’s in your writing playlist right now? Any songs you love to listen to and would love to share?


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