Camp NaNo’s Back + My Writing Fort!

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Camp NaNo is upon us!

I’ve been pushing myself to get these two projects I’m working on done (the character book and Alex’s—you’ve heard me talk about them before but in case you’re just hopping aboard) before Camp starts, but… I’m not sure it’s gonna happen. No, I mean, the character book is a certainty—I already have the testers lined up and everything, it’s my pride and joy right now—but, Alex? Her story is, well, another story entirely. I hate that feeling when you sit down at the computer and you try to get back into it and the words don’t wanna come and your brain is just mocking you, going “haha, NOPE.”

I dunno. I think I’m just gonna have to ditch some boring chapters that I originally thought would be a good idea, because I think they’re the reason I’m afraid to get back into it, or rather bored. It’s gonna be a little complicated (part of the “boring” part happens to be a fairly important plotline), but I’ll manage either way. For all I know, it could be perfectly interesting and I’m just afraid to suck/fail. WE’LL SEE.

But since Camp is coming up, I thought I’d give you a little peek into where I’ll be doing my writing this April! I mean, it’s where I’ve always written, but I’m sure I haven’t given you a full tour of it yet.

WARNING: IT’S MESSY. BUT I KNOW WHAT’S THERE AND IT HAS A REASON FOR BEING THERE. SO IT’S… ORGANIZED MESSY.1Ta-da! Right off the bat, you probably notice the to-do list, the calendar (which I designed online so I could add all my characters’ birthdays to it), the computer (which was a birthday gift last year), and the mess of projects on the desk. I mean it’s functional though.2My desktop photo is always in some way related to my current writing project; not only does it give it some variety, it also reminds me and inspires me to write as soon as I sit down! And, heh, I just organized all my desktop icons the other day because it was getting pretty bad. I create new documents in the same way one might pop cocktail peanuts. Like, it’s a sickness. But I need my to-do lists, man! And, y’know, typing out new ideas is faster than writing them down.3This is my to-do board, for my upstairs desk anyway. I also have a bigger one in my downstairs office; they really help keep me organized and efficient! And btw, the “hate you” was directed at my past self… yeah, I wrote a reminder on there that I’d already had a muffin for the day… I limited myself to one… and I really want a muffin now. Nothing makes you want to have a muffin like your past self telling you that you can’t. UGH.4My stack of projects. Really, my process is a simultaneous combination of both notebooks and the computer. When I’m sitting on the couch not near a computer, or out somewhere/in the car riding in the passenger’s seat, I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have notebooks with me. Sometimes it’s just a “general” notebook for when I’m out, or bored, and need somewhere to write out “general” ideas. But most of the time it’s specified notebooks for when I’m brainstorming for a specific story. And THEN when I’m home, I type everything important into a specific document in a specific file folder on my flash drive. Then I back it up on my desktop before I eject it. Yeah, I’m VERY specific about backing stuff up. You really only need to learn the “back up your work” lesson once.5YouTube is my salvation. Like, it helps me keep my story playlists all neat and accessible, which is great. I usually work better with music on in the background, so for the sake of getting right into my project, I’ll put on the playlist I’ve created for the story I’m about to work on and BAM. Instantaneous inspiration to PUNCH THOSE WORDS OUT. Well, I mean, that’s how it’s *supposed* to work. That doesn’t necessarily factor in the planets not lining themselves up just right, you know, for writing to flow (including Pluto, he can be a vengeful little bastard).6And then there’s my planner. I just got it back in February (it was on sale, heh), and so I’ve been keeping track of my goals and resolutions in there. Sometimes I don’t get to it, but, I mean… I open it up at least four or five times a week, so… that’s something, right?7Monthly plan. As you can probably tell, I like stickers.8Yeah… I forgot to cross off some things before I took that picture. I definitely did my laundry, but I didn’t go to the gym on Monday or Tuesday because I was still getting over going to a concert with my mom and Aunt on Sunday night (which we didn’t get back from until about midnight), staying overnight at her house (God love her, but the only bed I’ll ever get a good night’s sleep in is my own), driving home for an hour the next morning and then going right to work. YUCK. I still have to see about the couponing this week. But I’m excited to go to this running thing at my parents’ church this weekend! It started last week, but we didn’t end up going because… Well, to put it simply, my sister broke her wrist and my dad was in an accident that totaled his car and could’ve easily killed him. Oh, but completely unrelated incidents. That happened in the same day. Yeah, weird, but interesting. It’s times like that when you’re reassured that The Man Upstairs has everything covered 🙂

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My character interview notebook. I really should type up some of my character interviews for you guys to take a look at sometime 🙂 The only reason I don’t is because I often interview characters that I haven’t introduced you guys to yet, and I don’t want them letting any important plot stuff slip in front of you! But no, I seriously will show you some actual interviews someday, because it’s really fun and I think you’d enjoy it. But until then, here’s my completely awkward, half-lefty half-righty written character interview stuff from a few months ago. It’s something I do when I just plain old don’t feel like writing.12My notebook for Alex’s story. The binding started to come apart after a few months of using it and taking it EVERYWHERE, which is a common occurrence with me and notebooks. Aaaaaaaand even more stickers. PLEASE IGNORE THE TITLE I KNOW IT SUCKS. GOD it’s not even the same title I have it listed under on the NaNo website (and that title also sucks). The only reason it’s even written there is so I have a way to identify my story from the others… ugh… *weeps in corner* But real talk, titling has never been my strong suit. FUN FACT: my debut novel, Forget Me? I didn’t come up with the final title until mere MONTHS before it was published. And that was after writing it under one really dumb title for about a year, then changing the title to the name of a song I deeply associated with my story and writing it under that title for YEARS… it still makes my skin crawl…

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This thing has been my best friend and third lung (yes indeed THIRD) for the past six months, at least. I’ve been using the notebook to sketch out my ideas for my character book, plus it’s just so cute it makes me smile 🙂 YES I know my handwriting is extremely messy. But what you are getting here is a little sneak peek into some of those book notes. Yes, you heard that right: this is actual stuff that I wrote for/will actually be in my character book when it comes out! But no, that THING to the left with the orange letters is NOT the final book cover—that stuff is full-on proof copy stage, my dude.17You probably can’t tell from the picture because there’s not much to scale it with, but these notebooks are no bigger than my outstretched hand. All of them are assigned to one of five main characters for my Camp NaNo story—I’m intertwining each of their plot lines, so I honestly thought it’d just be easier to give each one a notebook then try to do ALL FIVE CHARACTERS in a single notebook. Like… it just wouldn’t work. It’s a complicated enough idea as it is.18I just LOVE my little pencil case, which my sister gave me for Christmas. I usually keep it with me right with my notebooks, because it has all kinds of important stuff like my seven year pens, my flash drive, and liquid pens/multicolored pens I got from ScribeDelivery… and you really should consider checking them out (note: while that is a referral link, I wouldn’t ever recommend something I didn’t think was totally super cool and useful, especially for writing supply addicts like myself 🙂 I could do a whole post just on things that I got from them that I love to death). But yup. Very rarely do I leave home without that thing.

And that’s my writing fort! It’s so cozy, except for one thing… I’ve been thinking about saving up for a new desk chair—the one I have now isn’t really as comfortable as it looks. Maybe one that’s a massage chair, or warms up or something? Eh, maybe I’m just thinking like that now because my feet are like icicles at the moment. And my back hurts. It’s been a looooooooooooooong day.

Whelp, I’m gonna go find a blanket now. BYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙂

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P.S. Hey, you! Is your fine self doing Camp NaNo this year? Even if you’re not, what’s your favorite part of your “writing fort”?

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