Life Goings-On, 1/4/18

My Life

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Oh… oh, what? Oh, that’s right. Sorry. BELATED.

It’s been nuts lately, but what can I say? I’ve been cracking down on some serious projects lately and some serious stuff has been happening.

“Like what,” you say?

Lemme give ya a little of this:

  • I’ve recently began the proof copy review stage of my next (if everything comes together) release, A Book About Your Character (You Know, Besides The One You’re Going To Write). This one I’m pretty excited for, and it goes out to all my readers who are also fellow writers who’ve found a clever mix between the two, but… But well, who could use a little help in the character development department. I’ll dole out even more details on this in the near future, so stay tuned!
  • A fellow blogger, who happens to be crazy about books (just look at her blog, man), wrote a review of Forget Me! You can check that out here: There might or might not also be a little treat at the bottom of that post so, y’know, might wanna check ‘er out… OKAY, YOU WIN, it’s a giveaway. So check it out. Just go. Go now. I’ll wait.
  • This one had me floored: a fan read my book, loved it, and was inspired enough to create a short film based on it! I believe he said it was for a school project, so that’s why it’s only 15 minutes and some important story is cut out, but still a treat that made me smile! I personally thought that the girl who played Bridget was very similar in appearance to how I pictured her in my mind (or maybe a little different in a good way)! But everyone was wonderful and it warmed my heart 🙂 I would definitely encourage you to check out Ethan’s vid:
  • Back during NaNo? I actually finished a story. Like, one that was already halfway done and just sitting on my computer rotting. That’s right, my one character Ginger’s first draft finally got finished! I was also working on another story (and before you follow the link, please be aware this is first draft stuff we’re talking about), but I didn’t finish it. I’m still planning on it. Hopefully before spring, but I can’t predict these things. I’m up to my eyeballs in editing projects as it is.
  • I’m on the hunt for test readers… and trust me, it is, in fact, as complicated as it sounds (that is, if it sounds complicated. If it doesn’t, then it’s more complicated than it sounds. And here I’m sure I’ve made it complicated enough).

*yawns* *dies* *brief pause* *resurrects to finish blog post*

Sorry. I have to get up early tomorrow to make coffee for people for eight hours. Toodles!

my classically unadulterated signature

*dies again*


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