21 Gifts For The Writer You Wanna Spoil

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You know a writer, don’t you? Of course you do. Or else you wouldn’t be here.

Well, unless you yourself are a writer, and are looking for a way to spoil yourself after a long-fought NaNoWriMo. Either way it’s good with me. This is a delicious list here, folks. And don’t say I didn’t warn you, but… they/you will probably want everything on it.

1. Notebooks. An obvious choice, and it (really) never gets old. And the only better gift than a notebook is a beautiful notebook.
Like these: Paint Splatter Notebooks – Urban Outfitters

And this (I mean, come on): Your Future Looks Bright – Bando

And these: Studio Oh! Spiral Hardcover Notebooks.
And this one, which comes in three different colors.

rough draft mini notebook - your future looks bright

Image from Bando


2. Pens. Well hey, they’re gonna need something to write with too.

These are very fashionable: Hay Pens – Bando

These’ll, well, they’ll get the job done (with xtra comfort): BIC Round Stic Xtra Comfort – Amazon


3. A Seven Year Pen. A category all its own. BECAUSE IT’S A SEVEN YEAR PEN. There’s nothing more terrible than a writer having to mourn the loss of their favorite pen. All unnecessary suffering, because pens out there exist that are IMMORTAL. And after the seven years, of course, they could always get a replacement cartridge. And they have loads of cool designs, so definitely worth checking out: Seven Year Pens – Seltzer Goods

Image from Seltzer Goods


4. A Litograph. Have you heard of this site, Litographs? It is SO COOL. I was actually able to get my story (Forget Me, in an earlier draft) printed on a scarf with them (some sort of promotion for winning NaNo or Camp NaNo, but I digress…) Anyway, it’s NEAT AS HELL.

They have shirts: Like THIS and THIS.

Totes: Like THIS.

Scarvesposters and even tattoos!


5. Snacks! Of course, we need snacks to sustain! You could consider getting them a snack subscription like Naturebox or Graze (both of which I’ve tried and can attest to their yumminess). Or, you could get your fabulous hands in the dough and make a DIY snack basket in four simple steps:

  1. Obtain basket.
  2. Put fake grass/shredded paper in the bottom (enough to make it look fluffy/give your items a cushiony little bed to rest on).
  3. Lovingly arrange snacks (such as bags of chips, candy, chocolate, fruit snacks, and whatever else you think they’d enjoy) inside basket.
  4. Maybe fasten a bow to the front of the basket, and BAM!


6. Coffee or Tea. Another necessity they’ll be thanking you for when it’s 3am and they can barely pick their head up off the desk. Or on a general writing day, in the dead of Winter when we need to keep warm. You could be a total smartass and wrap each box of tea/coffee separately, then put them all in a bigger box and wrap that. Or, if you’re more into cute/fun things, how about this?

Goodwill Blogging: From Thrift to Gift

Image from Sadie Seasongoods.

Follow this link to get the DIY. Here’s another idea: Starbucks Gift Mug. THIS one’s a little smaller but still cute.


7. Raid the NaNo store! If your writerly friend has been/is a participant of NaNo, they may have eyed some merchandise in the NaNo store (because come on, they’ve got some pretty cool stuff there). Or perhaps they haven’t even HEARD of NaNo, and this gift could be a way for you to introduce them to it. Yeah, there ya go, give them the gift of NaNo (they’ll be thanking you for years to come)! They have everything from postcards to travel cups to t-shirts, hats and much more!


8. Scribe Delivery. Yes, it’s actually a thing. They actually have a subscription box for writers! Like, it’s just TOO cool. They theme their boxes each month and send you carefully-chosen, fun-to-look-at notebooks and pens. EVERY. MONTH. It’d be a pretty great gift for a person who fills up notebooks pretty fast, y’know? SCRIBEdelivery!
9. Aqua Notes. Yeah, you’ve probably seen this on almost every other “what to get for writers for Christmas” article you’ve read. But, y’know what? It’s there for a reason! I can attest to the fact that they work. I got some Aqua Notes for Christmas several years ago, and you can literally wet them and it won’t ruin the paper. It was the best thing that ever happened to me until I used them all. There will be 0% regret with these.

10. Nite Note. 
Perfect for the writer who gets all of their ideas when they’re trying to get to sleep. The notebook lights up when you remove the pen, and the lights go off when it is replaced. How cool is that?!

NiteNote Note Pad with Light and Ballpoint Pen

Image from DreamEssentials.com


11. A Writing Totem For Their Latest Story. If the writer in your life has ever revealed a part of their plot or told you about a beloved character, here’s your chance to be thoughtful about it. And to normal folks, it may sound kind of silly, but I can speak for myself: these objects hold all the inspiration for my stories, and when writer’s block threatens to kill me, having them in my writing space makes me feel inspired despite all that.

As some examples, if their character is an artist, you could get them a paintbrush (like one of the really spiffy, professional-grade ones) to keep with them while they write. Or even jewelry, like this: Artist’s Pandora Charm. But maybe, their character’s a photographer? This “I Shoot People,” Photographer’s Coffee Mug would be like a double gift, because it also holds their writer juice. Or this Canon Custom Camera Necklace, I mean COME ON IT’S ADORABLE. Or (if their story takes place in a real place) you could get them a map to hang in their workspace. They’ll do literally any city or neighborhood with street names and coordinates.


12. Soap from The MacBath. Here’s the site: http://www.themacbath.com/. Their soaps actually have quotes written on them, I mean REALLY. The Harry Potter ones look really neat, so if they’re a fan they’d probably hug you a million times.

Christmas Carol Soap.png

Image from The Macbath


13. Character Sketch. Characters are one of the most important and inspiring parts of writing stories. And a sketch to hang on the wall of their writing space would most definitely inspire your beloved writer! If you can get enough of a description of their character (or if they have a photographic representation of them that they have the rights to/is public domain), you could probably pull this off. You could probably find someone on Etsy (like THIS, or perhaps THIS, depending on which style you think they’d prefer). YMMV with this one, and depending on the situation it may not be able to be a 100% surprise, but still a beautiful gift.


14. Editing/Cover Design Services. Editing services? ANY writer would thank you for. If you’re writer friend happens to be meandering down the indie path, a top-notch cover designer is also a must. I can personally recommend Kat Mellon (who designed this slice of beauty here). You could give your writer the amount on a Visa gift card, put it in a nice notecard that says something like “here’s for the editing (or cover design) of your next masterpiece!” and then wrap it in a bigger box. That’s always a fun trick 🙂


15. A Cool Keychain. Works for both writers and readers the same. Like THIS (I used mine as an example, but you could, of course, customize it with their book cover if they have one). Or, alternatively, nothing beats the classics! Found here: Etsy – Handmade Classic Book Cover Keychains.


And, of course BOOKS, like:

16. Wreck This Journal. 

17. Forget Me.

18. Doodling For Bookworms.

19. As far as fiction goes, it’s really gonna depend on what genre they like. But they probably wouldn’t smirk at an Audible membership! Especially because they’d be able to exercise and listen to a book at the same time, or listen to a book as they go to sleep. Even a long car ride: BAM. Listen to a book.

20. If you’re really not sure what direction to go as far as books, a Barnes and Noble/Amazon gift card will not go unappreciated. Because some of us just like the feel of pages in our hands.


And this last one’s pretty important…

21. A good, hefty kick away from the computer. Every writer needs a reminder to take  a healthy break every now and again, especially when they get so caught up in a story that they forget about meals, bathing, fun, and associating with the rest of the human race. So, if you can convince them to come with you, treat them to some enjoyment! Maybe you could take them to the movies and buy all the snacks (now that I think of it, you could refer to #5 and make a basket of snacks to smuggle in and include the tickets in the basket). Or take them to dinner at their favorite restaurant. Or go the obvious route and take them on a field trip to your nearest bookstore, your treat (I mean, at least it’s a break from carpal tunnel).


Happy shopping!

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