Life Goings-On, 8.16.17

My Life

*cricket cricket*

Hey, I’m back! Sorry about the post drought. Life came up and roundhouse-kicked me in the face, but what can I say. I’m here.

I’ve been thinking, and if I can’t find the time to post TPT stuff, I should probably at least let you in on what the hell I’m doing with myself over here:


1. I’m writing a book. Another one. Well, rather, editing a book I wrote during NaNo 2016. I don’t know if I’ll publish it yet (I’m still trying to find out if the thing is worth it). I have a single test reader picked out as of now (the only person I think can handle it–well, at least in my social circle). The jury’s still out on whether or not I can fix it.

2. I’m writing a fun little book for writers, and it’s all about characters! It’s gonna be a big book full of quizzes, questionnaires and games to help you flesh out your characters, and I’m really really excited for it! If all goes according to plan, it’ll be set for release around this December.

3. I’ve been working a lot. Pumpkin swirl just came in this week (or last week; I’m so turned around I don’t even remember), and hearing people get excited that we actually have it now kinda makes me happy 🙂 it hasn’t gotten old just yet (and I would hope not, it’s only August), but yeah. Probably a little early for pumpkin coffee, or is it just me? I mean, come on bro. My pool’s still open.

4. Hmm… OH YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT. My book (Forget Me) was featured at the end of a popular Youtuber’s video. And what’s cool is that the topic of his video kind of went along with one of the themes of my story. How cool is that?! I would definitely recommend his videos if you’ve never seen them before, he’s great.

5. NANO’S COMING UP, and I’m super excited. Heck, I’m already planning my story! But I’m a planner, that shouldn’t really be too surprising. I don’t think I could be a pantser if I tried. I’ll give you a peek into what this story’s about as November draws nearer.


So… that’s all for now. You all rock. LOVE YA.


*slow rock fade out*

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