NaNo 2016 Is Upon Us


Sorry for the post drought, but life has kinda been kicking me in the pants lately. Like, the kind of in-pants-kicking that makes you have to drag yourself into the weekend, which goes by like a… like a… yeahhhh no. Not getting any metaphors similes coming to mind… Ehh… You can just fantasize about how great my figures of speech will be in my NaNo story 😉

But I’m still participating in NaNo! And if it be against the odds, I WILL FINISH DANG IT!!! And for all of yous out there participating as well, just remember to keep in mind that the first draft can suck all it wants, because all it has to do it get written. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Doesn’t have to be publishable. Hell, it doesn’t even have to make complete sense, it just has to get to 50,000 or other amount of words and that’s all. Save all the nit-picking for draft #2 when you actually need it. But for now? Just give yourself a break and get the words written.

I believe in you, fellow NaNo participant. So go knock ’em dead!

Ahh, and one more thing I thought you might enjoy. I was glued to YouTube one day and came across this neat NaNo-themed video. This guy, Matt, wrote a how you say, interesting song called “1,667 Words.” I found it to be incredibly geeky and incredibly inspiring at the same time. Though if things get stuck in your head easily, you may want to forgo it. Y’know, if that bothers you:

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