Hey, you. Yeah, YOU. What are you looking at? Yeah, I’ll tell you what you’re looking at: THE FACE OF A PERSON WHO KICKED CAMPNANO’S BUTT.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s right, folks. BOOM.

I didn’t just make my goal, no SIR. Once I hit 50k, I got the crazed idea that no, I wasn’t going to stop there. I was really going to kick my word goal in the keester. Stay up until an ungodly hour in the morning with a story that wouldn’t let me sleep.

Once I broke 60k, I decided to snip the cord. Now, I’m going to print my shiny new CampNaNo certificate and hang it on the wall. Of course, once I figure out how to put my name there and project name and all that yada yada yada. By the way, do any of you know how to do that? Not to sound like a complete moron trying to figure out how to edit a freaking PDF, but if ya happen to know how to do that certificate-personalizing jazz, that’d be great.


But anyway, all is well. I done did what I set out to do. And now, to brace myself for November.


How’d you guys do? Meet your goal yet? Do a happy dance, kiss your computer screen, take yourself out to dinner to celebrate? If you’re not quite there yet, you still have time! Sometimes your best ideas will come in the final hours 🙂

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