Back At It Again…


So, last time I did CampNaNo, I didn’t exactly “win.” Yeah, I wrote about 16,ooo words that I didn’t have before, but I didn’t meet my goal. I met defeat. It sucked eggs.

But anybody that knows me will be able to tell you that I don’t give up that easily, no SIR, so I’m back on the horse. I’m tackling multiple projects of ranging topic and type. Try two edits, two typed newbies, one handwritten newbie, and a poetry collection I’m trying to cultivate. You think I’m insane yet? You should.

Not that I’m actually planning on finishing ALL of them in one month, though I’d like to finish at least one. I’d just like to get some projects on a roll so I have a baseline to work from for the coming months, you know, before the BIG NaNo. It also helps to have several projects to switch back and forth from, so if I get bored with one I can hop to the other. If I’m away from my computer I can handwrite in one story. I can switch back and forth from edits to first drafts, because at some point I’m sure either option will frustrate me and it’s good to be able to switch.

I’ve actually seen some decent progress so far. On this eighth day, my word count is at 12,129. I’m sure I’ll be writing more before the day comes to a close. Heh, the 5,000 words I got yesterday certainly didn’t hurt. I can tell you this, word sprints are SUPER addictive, so you may want to try following @NaNoWordSprints on Twitter if your word count is lagging. Also don’t forget about the write-ins, which can be equally as helpful and inspiring!

Well, enough about me. How’s your July Camp coming along so far? What projects are you working on this time around? Don’t forget to catch your breath!

3 thoughts on “Back At It Again…

  1. So maybe you didn’t manage to force out enough words, but you wrote, and that’s not failure… Damn, this has prompted me to write a post on my blog about how writing isn’t about the finishing things but about the process. Brb writing that post x

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    1. Oh, I totally agree. Sure I didn’t “win,” but I still won in my book. I have words that I didn’t have before, over 16,000 to be exact, so I definitely wouldn’t consider it a failure 🙂 Oh, and I’ll check out your post too!


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