Psyched For CampNaNo?!


Is anyone else psyched for CampNaNo?!

This is only my second NaNo experience (my first was last November, and it ROCKED). The whole thing is exciting for me because it gives me the kick in the pants that I need. It also means that I HAVE to turn off my inner editor and reminds me that it’s totally OKAY to suck for now because I only have thirty days, and who could be expected to come up with a beautifully-polished manuscript sundae in thirty freaking days? As long as stuff gets from my mind to a page, and 30,000 consecutive words end up in a document by the 30th, I WIN.

So, the character I’m working with this coming month is named Ginger. She’s in her twenties, and she’s a crazy artist who likes classic rock and juicy burgers. She’s also the jealous type, and likes to get messy. I think I might try to sketch/draw her sometime because, yeah, that’s something I do. She makes me laugh. She’s nuts.

I also got a fellow NaNoer to design a cover for me!! Last year in November, I tried to get somebody to design one for my other novel, but MEH I was too late. *Note to whoever cares: If you want to get a cover design/character sketch for your story, GET THERE EARLY.* Otherwise it’s a feeding frenzy.

The Artist's Touch COVER

AHH DON’T YOU LOVE IT? I just hope my story is good enough that I can use it someday. I mean, really. With a cover design like that, I kinda HAVE to write this story now, right?

Alls I can say is, Ginger better not go quiet on me this month or I might have to strangle her.

AHH, and tonight was the first Virtual Write-In. It was awesome and hilarious. I do believe they’ll be having another one tomorrow night, so I hope to see you there!

Is anybody else doing CampNaNo this April (err, uhh, tomorrow)? What’s your story about? Who’s your MC? I’d love to hear your ideas for Camp!

Haven’t joined yet? Why not get in on the fun?

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