Being A Writer At One In The Morning

My Life

Oh my goodness I need coffee.

But certain people don’t think it’s a good idea for me to have any because I get nuts, and because of that heart condition I used to have. I don’t like to drink too much coffee because then I get restless and I get the jitters, and before you know it my body is like “Nerp, you’re not getting any writing done now. You need to go play the same song on the piano like fifty-flippity-bazillion times and then conk out on the couch.”

So I have to plow through anyways even though I don’t feel like writing. And the story that I’m trying to write: I’m mid-chapter and the last time I wrote in this story was a week ago or something because COLLEGE and because LIFE and because HOMEWORK and I’m sucked dry like a seasponge in the burning sun, and kelp and sand and salt and DEAD. KELP. Heh, that’s a funny word… Ehh…

No, really. I haven’t had any coffee. I’m just naturally nuts. Oh, and this is my idea of a freewrite so I can launch myself into my story again like an ultra-super-non-coffee-powered spaceship going to planet Zoltar. EHH EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. EHHHHHHH.


*groans loudly*

*groans slightly less loudly because people are sleeping upstairs and doesn’t want to get killed by half-asleep zombies that have to go to work and jury duty tomorrow*

*oh sorry I meant today because it’s one in the morning*

*but I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow because SPRING BREAK*

*dang did it again*

*but doesn’t know what to do with self because EHH*

So… yup. One o’clock in the morning. I’m alone, downstairs at the computer… talking to you people. Y’know, I should really just be done with this for now and get to my characters… But meh I’ll finish this. At least then I’d finish something I started.

*applies ice to burned area*

*oh wait that’s not ice that’s my foot cause it’s cold*

*never mind*

I really have finished things though. I’m in the editing phase for two stories that I wrote… that counts, right? And hey, I’m writing stuff. It’s better than nothing, right? At least I’m not letting my ideas die like I used to. I’m just thankful a big mob of my old characters like Reni and Vanessa and Lilee and Ash aren’t coming after me with pitchforks and fire. Sure, Vanessa was an idiot and Reni was an irrational sob-face, but they still deserved better. They all did. I SUCKED.

Sabine got a better deal from me. I’ve actually treated her better than the rest, a LOT better. I’ve been through five drafts with that one (okay, I’m still working on number five, but I’m halfway done). That story sucked at first too, but now it sucks… less. Hey, maybe I’ll actually publish it… one day. When the nasty nagface demons stop terrorizing me with stuff like:

“Aren’t you tired, after surfing the net and rolling your eyes at all those people’s Facebook posts? Maybe you should crash on the couch for JUST five minutes and take a small break… oh wait, you’re asleep now.” – Brain

“Hey, I know you’re mid-sentence and everything and you’re really on a roll, but I’ve been waiting for this precise moment in all eternity to tell you that if you don’t eat something right now, YOU’RE GONNA DIE I’m not even joking.” – Stomach

“You just got an AWESOME-TASTIC IDEA, so what better time for me to tell you what’s up and interrupt your stream of awesomeness and valor?” – Bladder

Oh, but that didn’t matter with Dayna (who was the MC of the second story I finished). That was a story I wrote for last year’s NaNoWriMo, during my first semester of college. I fought through dirt and tree branches flung at me by a rushing river to finish that one. I finished with around 46,000 words on December 1st. I was working, taking classes, homework, and not dying; total nutbar stuff coming at me all at once. I even made time to cook myself an entire Thanksgiving feast because whelp, I’m a vegan and tofurky doesn’t make itself. If it did, that’d be cool. But it doesn’t. THAT’S WHERE I COME IN. I ended up staying up ALL NIGHT one night and wrote 10,000 words to get caught up. The next day I would’ve had class at eight in the morning, but I STILL did pulled the all-nighter. I would’ve even gone to class if it hadn’t gotten cancelled due to weather. That was a godsend, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to sack through the entire morning.

But it was worth it. I finished my story by the end of the month. Sweet, sweet glory.

Ohh, so where was I again?

*scratches head*

*realizes head was actually itchy even though that wasn’t why I scratched it*

*how serendipitous*


My one o’clock brain is weird. But heh, I’m wide awake now.

Time to go write. PEACE OUT!!!

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