My Book Sale Raid

Bookish Stuff

I’m a bookworm. A book freak. Nuts.

What, haven’t I mentioned that before? Hm…

Anyhow, I have self-control around many things. You’re talking to someone who’s been a full-on vegan for about three years. Even before that, if you saw me at Burger King, I’d be eating a salad. Well probably, but that’s not the point. If there’s anyone who knows something about self-control, well… I think I’d at least make the top 50.

But books? Nah. Not even close. Which leads me to my story.

So, I was at the library, just randomly strolling around. I had already borrowed some books, but right before I left, I saw the shelf. It was a little, lonely shelf near the front of the library with discarded books. It was an indoor mini book sale.

This is what happens when you mix me with a two-dollar fill-a-bag-with-books sale:Book Sale Raid (2)Don’t ask me how I fit them all in there. All I know is that in that five-minute progression of book-gathering, I was superhuman. I filled it so much, I couldn’t use the handles. I carried it from the bottom.

Is that a sickness? Because if it is, I don’t wanna be well.

THAT is the reading that my Summer 2016 will consist of. Look at me, planning ahead 🙂

Part of the reason I shared this is because I wanted to see if any of you could relate. Do you lose it around books? Are you a book collector like myself? Do you have a book sale story similar to mine? Stories like this always make me laugh a little 😉

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