8 Weird Things About Writers

My Life

So, I’m baaaaaaack. Like that nightmare you keep having with the clown holding an ax. Like that itch in that place where you just can’t reach. Like that gnat who’s determined to land on your eyeball. ERR.

As a writer, I do some pretty crazy stuff. Something happened to me the other day that made me wonder if I was a *special* brand of crazy. I was at the grocery store. There was a folded little note on the floor. Common sense told me that picking it up would look a little, err, odd. Then my writer sense kicked in and made me remember that some of the best ideas come from folded up pieces of paper found on floors of supermarkets.

Guess what I did.

Here’s the part where you can either A. Reassure me that my behavior is normal for being a writer, or B. Reassure me that I’m nuts. I’m probably nuts anyway, but I’m a writer. It’s kind of a package deal…


  1. The aforementioned scenario. You see a folded up piece of paper on the floor at a grocery store, in the grass while you’re walking at the park, or sitting on top of a washing machine at the laundromat. Your fingers start tingling, so you pick it up. Whether it be a reminder note, a grocery list, or even a name with a phone number, you stuff it in your pocket like you just stole the Mona Lisa and are determined to turn it into a story.
  2. You wake up thinking about writing. You then proceed to avoid the computer like the plague, even though every other thought you have is “I should be writing. Stop procrastinating and get in that chair.” You then do a freewrite containing, with painstaking detail, the first hour of your morning.
  3. You extract your best ideas from the pitifulness that is your life. That Italian accent your boss has; the dipwad you thought was your friend but who actually turned out to be a compulsive liar; the vending machine that won’t take your dollar bill when you’re incredibly thirsty; when you forget to shut off your headlights because you forgot to turn your brain on and you end up with a dead battery. LIFE IS A GOLDMINE.
  4. You talk to yourself. A LOT. Especially when you’re sitting at your desk writing. You sit there and laugh at your own funny, totally completely awesome writing. Other times (most of the time), you yell and scream at the computer about how the words are all wrong and it sucks, sucks, sucks! And then you bawl your eyes out when one of your favorite characters dies. People that live with you think you could use a straightjacket.
  5. You have a crapload of half-full notebooks containing ideas for all of your stories, aaand… it’s disorganized to say the least. You’re anticipating a pain in the butt when you finally try to organize all your little scrawlings. And then… you do it and count that as your “writing” for the day.
  6. You have a weekly word count that could be described as “bipolar.” Sometimes, you’ll only be able to squeak out a sentence for the day. You type the word “the,” delete it, type it again, then delete the entire document. Other days, you stay up until two in the morning and pound out 10,000 words (true story by the way, NaNoWriMo success!).
  7. You do lots of kooky stuff to remind you of your characters, which you see as your children because you’re too absorbed with them to even think about ever having an actual family. You wear a hat that reminds you of this character, carry floss around with you because that character is a compulsive flosser, and keep an old tennis racket in your room because this character is a professional tennis player. If your character plays football? You get a football from the garage and it stays with you every time you sit down to write that story. Every item you own gets assigned to a character.
  8. You don’t always like writing, but you’ll always LOVE it. Even when it’s like pulling teeth (and if we’re being honest here, writing isn’t always easy-peasy. You must really love it to push through the writer’s block).

Wanna swap stories? Where/when did your best idea hit you?

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